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Sensory Equipment Vendors & Stores

Below are sensory equipment vendors and stores that are highly recommended

Beyond Play.PNG

Beyond Play offers you the most extensive selection of products for young children of all abilities - from infants and toddlers to children in the early elementary grades. We carry a wide selection of fun and educational products in all areas of child development, as well as specialized products for early intervention and special needs. Our catalog and web site are for professionals of all disciplines, as well as for parents and caregivers.


Our mission is to make life easier for parents, more enriching for children, and more enjoyable for the entire family. Our goal is to provide children with special needs and their parents with the very finest products available. We continue to search the world over for innovative, hard to find, high-quality products, and then rigorously test them for performance and value. 


We started Fun and Function because we couldn’t find kid-friendly sensory tools that would fit our family’s needs. So we channeled our frustration and turned it into a passion for creating the best sensory toys and tools on the planet.  


Therapy Shoppe is a small, personal, customer-friendly, occupational therapist owned and operated company


Since our founding in 1978, Southpaw has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing sensory integration dysfunction and neurodevelopmental products to help therapeutic professionals, people with special needs, their families and other professionals solve problems and overcome challenges. 


Sensory toys are a great way to help your autistic child. These have emerged as one of the most effective and suitable device or platform to help young children deal with their autistic conditions. These help them to calm down, relax, concentrate and focus on a certain thing. With sensory toys, a child is able to process a sense better, and specialized toys are being manufactured today that does work in helping a child with a certain condition and decrease their fear and discomfort through a natural way of playing and learning.

Sensory Equipment Recommended

Equipment Name
What Is It?
Where To Buy It?
Sensory Swing
Indoor swing that is snug around your kiddo while they regulate
Compression Tank Top
Tight fitting tank top that can be worn daily to give your kiddo the compression they need
Weighted Vest
Vest with weights on it, used to help regulate and focus a child, worn for short periods of time
Vibrating Pillow
Pillow that vibrates, helps with sensory seeking
Vibrating Handheld
Hand back massager that can be taken anywhere to help regulate sensory
Water Table
Water play to help focus a child
Kinetic Sand
Sand that sticks to itself, perfect for indoor bin.
Bubble Tube
Tall cylinder tube that is filled with water, colors and bubbles rise inside it. It's mesmorizing
Ceiling Projector
Ceiling projecter that projects stars, animals, sea life, etc on ceiling to decompress and focus kids
Noise Cancelling Head Phones
Head phones that mute or muffle outside noise
Chew Toys
Toddler teething toys that are durable
Fidget Spinners
Little hand held toys that keep busy hands and fingers occupied
Sensory Tubes
Long plastic tubes that can be shrunk and pulled, makes a popping sound
Crash Pad
Safety mat for kids to fall on, land on, slam into
Sit and Spin
Circular toy that a kid sits on and spins themselves around
Bubbles - little jar with wand to blow bubbles
LED Lights
String or strip of lights to be put in room or sensory area that are dimable
Light Switch
Hand held light switch for kids that like to turn lights on and off
Silicone colorful "bubble wrap" like toy that keeps hands busy
Punching Pag
Air filled punching bag for kids to get their frustrations out
Swing Chair
Chair that has a base/stand that allows the seat to swing back and forth
Body Sock
Spandex type material that a kid can put on and push against and stretch, helping with regulation and sensory needs of muscles
Compression Sheet
Tight fitting sheet for kids beds that give compression while sleeping without restraint
Weighted Blanket
Light weight blanket that helps with anxiety, sensory compression needs
Indoor Trampoline
Small trampoline that is great for kids to release excess energy
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