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Sensory Equipment Recommended

Safety Product
What Is It?
What Does It Do?
Window Alarm
Window alarm
Sounds an alarm when a window is opened
Security Door Lock
Upper exit door security lock
Prevents doors from being opened easily
Security Door Handle
Coded security door handle
Prevents door from being opened without code
Window Lock
Window lock
Prevents window from being opened or only opens to designated amount
Stop Sign Decals
Stickers for exits
Reminder to ASD person to stop when headed towards an exit
Angel Sense GPS Tracker
GPS Tracker - on person
Wearable GPS Tracker - lets you know where your loved one is, in case they elope or runaway
Road ID Bracelet
ID Bracelet
ID Bracelet that you can put diagnosis, name, phone number, contact names on
Security Camera
Exterior/Interior Cameras
Motion activated cameras that will alert you if a person is present, or child is escaping
Motion Sensor
Detects motion
Alarm that makes a sound when motion is detected - to help prevent wandering
Wrist or Backpack Leash
Connects an adult directly with a child with a tether to prevent child from running away
Wearable harness with leash
Wearable harness that has tether to keep child or toddler close by
Carseat Belt Lock
Latch lock on seatbelt
Prevents child from being able to unlatch their 5 point seatbelt in carseat
Wonder Wagon
Pull around wagon
Perfect for kids too big for a stroller, has seatbelts - can go outside and in the community without a tired kiddo, running off - sense of security
Cubby Bed
Zippable Bed
Tent that surrounds bed with mesh, zipper from outside for safe sleeping of kids too big for cribs
Door Alarm
Exit door alarms
Sounds an alarm when a door is opened
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