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Mental Health Resources

Better Help

BetterHelp offers access to licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited psychologists (PhD / PsyD), marriage and family therapists (LMFT), clinical social workers (LCSW / LMSW), and board licensed professional counselors (LPC).

Talk Therapy

Talkspace is therapy for all. Online counseling lets you connect with a licensed therapist from the privacy of your device — at a significantly lower cost than traditional, in-person counseling.

My Online Therapy

At My Online Therapy, we’re on a mission to make therapy accessible. By providing on-the-spot access to first class psychologists in multiple different ways, alongside digital psychological and educational tools, we want to put the power of change back into each and every person’s hands. We enable people to become the best version of themselves so that they can build a life with greater meaning, fulfilment and purpose.

988 Suicide & Crisis Line

The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline is a national network of local crisis centers that provides free and confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the United States. We're committed to improving crisis services and advancing suicide prevention by empowering individuals, advancing professional best practices, and building awareness.

Psychology Tools

Resource for self-help worksheets and tools to help you feel better


Don’t wait weeks for an appointment. Our doctors, therapists, and specialists can help you with the flu, infections, anxiety, stress, skin conditions, and provide advice on serious medical conditions. No matter what you're facing, we’re available from wherever you are by phone, video, or app.

7 Cups

Online therapy is more convenient than traditional therapy. Especially for those new to therapy, online therapy can be an easy way to get the support you need without the inconvenience of meeting someone in person. Unlike finding a traditional therapist, we use technology to match you with the perfect therapist. Plus, if it’s not the right fit you can easily change to someone else.

Psychology Today

Click "Find a therapist" to find therapist in your local area - also says if they are accepting new patients, if they accept insurance, if they do in person/online sessions

Thrive Works

We connect individuals with exceptional providers who help their clients manage challenges like depression, anxiety, relationship issues, major life transitions, and others.


Meet with a telehealth prescriber or therapist who can diagnose and treat anxiety and depression with or without medication online. Your care team talks you through your treatment and offers psychological support with regular video or phone visits and unlimited messaging. If prescribed, your medication is discreetly packaged and delivered to your door each month.

Lemonade Counseling

We don't always choose the circumstances of our lives, but we CAN choose our response.
Lemon-Aid is about transforming life's lemons, and fully living the life you have, even if it's not the life you wanted.

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