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Autism Society North Idaho’s efforts to provide support to individuals and families with autism can’t take effect unless we have the support of our community.  As a result of our Walk for Autism awareness - we have been able to provide individual grants to families who require support and specialized tools and products to help support their daily living in a positive way. 

 In addition, we have previously implemented collaborations with local law enforcement and individuals impacted by disabilities in North Idaho. We began the first phase of trainings, providing trainings about disabilities and what to expect when interacting with individuals impacted by a disability. We have also provided a training to families to help them better prepare loved ones for potential interaction with law enforcement and we are also training individuals with disabilities on how they can positively interact with law enforcement. 

We have more trainings to be scheduled and anticipate this will be an ongoing need as our area is continually hiring and training new officers. In addition, we offer social groups and support groups for the ASD community – whether it’s family or the Autistic person themselves.

Most importantly Autism Society North Idaho continues to be there for individuals and families in the northern five counties and we are the front line and often the first call families make for help, support and direction as their loved ones are diagnosed with autism.



You can help families in North Idaho gain treatment products and services that are financially not otherwise feasible. Either by doing a grant donation or participating in one of our events and become a sponsor.


We provide multiple groups to bring families and individuals to know they are not alone. Donations allow us to provide and maintain group operations.

One time or recurring donations are welcome.

Reward Programs

Many businesses allow you to set up your reward account to make a charitable donation to your non-profit of choice. While you shop and purchase items you need - you are helping others in need as well.

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