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The A Word
The A Word is the story of the Hughes family who work and love and fight like every other family. Then their youngest son is diagnosed with autism and they don’t feel like every other family anymore. They realise that if their son is ever going to communicate, they are going to have to learn how to communicate themselves. It’s a funny and thought-provoking series about parenthood and childhood.
This heartfelt comedy follows Sam, a teenager on the autism spectrum, who has decided he is ready for romance. In order to start dating — and hopefully find love — Sam will need to be more independent, which also sends his mother (Jennifer Jason Leigh) on her own life-changing path. She and the rest of Sam’s family, including a scrappy sister and a father seeking a better understanding of his son, must adjust to change and explore what it means to be “normal.”
The Good Doctor
Shaun Murphy, a young surgeon with autism and Savant syndrome, is recruited into the surgical unit of a prestigious hospital.
Love on the Spectrum
Seven young adults on the autism spectrum dive headfirst into the dating pool, exploring the unpredictable world of love and relationships
Everything's Going to be Okay
Nicholas is a neurotic 20-something visiting his dad and teenage half-sisters, one of whom is on the autism spectrum. When Nicholas' trip is extended due to his father's untimely death, the siblings are left to cope with not only a devastating loss, but also the realization that Nicholas is the one who will have to rise to the occasion and hold it all together. Navigating autism, budding sexuality, consent, parenthood, adolescence, family and grief, the heartfelt comedy follows this imperfect family as they discover the importance of finding happiness in the middle of really difficult moments, one awkward conversation at a time.
Leave it to Geege
Geege Taylor, an Atlanta area single mother of two, twice-divorced, breast cancer survivor, and advocate for autism acceptance, hopes to educate and help others navigate their way through the ups and downs of raising an autistic child by following her firsthand experience with her non-verbal 19-year-old son, Pootie. Surrounded by her "family," consisting of her Southern to the core mother Puddin', daughter Harper and best friends Nicky, George and Tyler, the series provides a glimpse into the chaos and charm of her authentic modern family filled with love and laughter
"Pablo" features a 5-year-old-boy on the autism spectrum who creates incredible imaginary friends who come to life through his magic crayons. Pablo and his friends go on adventures and they even help him with situations that may make him anxious such as going to the supermarket. The main cast of "Pablo" are all on the autism spectrum and some have even co-written some of the scripts. Every episode explores storylines that are honest and humorous and are inspired by real-life experiences of these children.
Kid Series
Daniel the Tiger
An animated show inspired by Mister Roger’s Neighbourhood, episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood usually consist of two musical stories targeted at teaching younger viewers important lessons: like learning to deal with disappointment. Through Daniel’s eyes, we are introduced to many of the colourful characters that make up his world which, as of this year, will include Max, a 4 year old boy with autism (played by an autistic actor).
Kid Series
As we see it
The series follows Jack, Harrison, and Violet, 20-something roommates on the autism spectrum, as they strive to get a job, keep a job, make friends, fall in love, and navigate a world that eludes them. With the help of their families, aide, and sometimes even each other, these roommates experience setbacks and celebrate triumphs on their own unique journeys towards independence and acceptance.
Autism and Me
Autism And Me is a revealing observational documentary that explores the autism spectrum through the experiences of a number of Irish children, teenagers and young adults. We hear directly from a range of diverse and engaging participants about what living with autism is like and about how they feel they are perceived by the rest of the world.
Attention Please
"Your child is on the spectrum." As a parent, when you hear those words, your whole world shifts. Now an award-winning documentary reveals a groundbreaking approach to addressing challenging behaviours that has transformed the lives of hundreds of children.
Language Arts
When a student proposes a project with autistic youth and senior dementia patients, Language Arts teacher Charles Marlow confronts the indelible mark autism has made on the story of his life and learns to connect to the people he loves.
Autistic people do not wish to meet the standards set by the neurotypicals or the "normal" people. Why does the world have labels for them?
Sensitive - The untold story
A groundbreaking documentary about the temperament trait of high sensitivity found in 20% of the population in both men and women. Based on the findings of bestselling author-psychologist Dr. Elaine Aron ("The Highly Sensitive Person")
Kindness Matters
A little boy named Lincoln, who is bullied for the way he talks, creates a superhero in his head. A lonely man rescues a puppy who transforms his life and falls in love. This inspiring story illustrates how kindness can truly make a difference. From the creator of the hit faith and spirituality movie "A Box of Faith" comes this family movie of inspiration.
Zu is newly sober and finding her way in the world when she receives news that she is to become the sole guardian of her half-sister named Music, a young girl on the autism spectrum. The film explores two of Sia's favorite themes --finding your voice and what it means to create family.
Cries from the heart
Michael is an autistic seven-year-old child who cannot speak or write. His mother sends him to a special school where he is taught to use a computer in order to express his feelings. Upon this, Michael reveals his fear of one of the orderlies at his school, who had sexually abused him. A courtroom battle ensues.
The Spectrum of Autism
Featuring NY Times bestselling author, Temple Grandin, this documentary explores the lives of families who share their experiences with the diagnosis and care of children within the autism spectrum. Clinicians provide additional insight into this behavior disorder and point out the importance of early intervention therapy. Special bonus footage follows up with two of the children ten years later.
Understanding Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
A parents guide to understanding children with High-Functioning Autism or (ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorder
Autism - A family's journey
Autism was the diagnosis given to Lori and Jim Cairns about their son, JR. Today many people still dismiss the idea of recovery. Yet, it can happen; JR is living proof. Now, the Cairns family and JR's therapists unite to share their story of hope.
A brilliant young mind
A socially awkward teenage math prodigy finds new confidence and new friendships when he lands a spot on the British squad at the International Mathematics Olympiad.
Love, Hope & Autism
LOVE, HOPE & AUTISM takes viewers behind the startling statistics on the rise of autism in North America, and deep into the heart and history of a family raising a son with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 21 years of home movie footage chronicles the powerful effects of ASD, from the strain on the marriage to the inevitable shift in family dynamics.
Too Sane for This World
Too Sane for This World explores the challenges and perspectives of 12 adults on the autism spectrum. A unique collaboration between neurotypical and atypical individuals, men and women living on the spectrum speak candidly about their autism, difficulties they've faced, and the experiences that have shaped their lives, illustrating the neurodiversity of the mind and it's limitless potential.
Beyond the Spectrum
When their two-year-old son, Oskar, is diagnosed with severe autism, Carly and Stef drop everything for a year to focus on his treatment. As they strive to connect with Oskar, they must confront an impossible question: should they try to change him or accept their son just the way he is? Several adults with autism share their personal experiences and help us gain insight into Oskar’s world.
Autism - The musical
A dynamic and intimate look at several families whose autistic children create and perform a live musical in L.A
Autism - The sequel
This follow-up to the Emmy(R) winning "AUTISM: The Musical" follows five young adults on the spectrum as they navigate their early 20's
Please stand by
Wendy is an independent and brilliant young woman with autism. To submit her script on-time for a Star Trek screenplay competition she sneaks out of her group home and travels hundreds of miles not letting anything stop her from achieving her goals.
A Mile in His Shoes
The story of Mickey Tussler, a young man with a type of autism who is recruited by a passionate coach to pitch for his minor league team. His team is starting another losing season and the coach is getting pressured by the team's owner to start winning games.
A boy called Po
A Boy Called Po, is the story of a recently widowed, now single father, struggling to raise his sixth-grade son with autism. The pressure of his job and coping with the loss of his wife proves to push him nearly to the breaking point.
Temple Grandin
An autistic woman becomes an unlikely hero to America's cattle industry--and to autistic people everywhere--in this fact-based story.
A Horse Boy
An intensely personal yet epic spiritual journey, "The Horse Boy" follows one Texas couple and their autistic son as they trek on horseback through Outer Mongolia in an attempt to find healing for him.
The Story of Luke
Sheltered his whole life, Luke, a young man with autism, is about to embark on a quest for a job and a girlfriend, and he won't be taking "no" for an answer.
Snow Cake
Snow Cake is a Canadian drama about a middle-aged woman with autism and the friendship she develops with a man who is traumatized after having a car accident involving her daughter. Sigourney Weaver researched her role, and was coached by autism author and speaker Ros Blackburn.
Little Man Tate
Fred is a genius with many Aspberger’s traits. His mother, Dede is determined to protect Fred from opportunists who wish to exploit his intellect. An interesting insight into the emotions of a child with autistic traits
Change of Habit
Elvis plays a physician who runs a medical clinic in a poor neighborhood. Three nuns are sent to assist Elvis in his medical practice. A parent brings her girl to the clinic for an evaluation and treatment. The girl is diagnosed as having autism because she rocks, does not want to be held, and does not respond to sounds. Elvis treats the girl, and she begins to break out of her autism.
The Boy Who Could Fly
A teenager with autism is sent to live with his uncle after his parents die in an airplane crash. The teenager exhibits many features of autism such as social withdrawal, no languge, and stereotypic behaviors. A girl who lives in a house next door befriends the teenager. Initially, she becomes his friend, but later she becomes his tutor. After much one-on-one contact, the teenager becomes more aware of other people and starts to show emotions. Because of his uncle’s alcohol problem, the teenager is sent to an institution. At the end of the movie, the teenager flew away to avoid being institutionalized.
Nathan's Kingdom
Nathan’s Kingdom is about a young autistic man (Nathan) struggling with his teenage opiate-addicted sister (Laura), and together they risk their lives to find a fictitious kingdom with the potential of changing their lives forever.
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
Oskar, a child suffering from a developmental disorder, sets out to discover a message left by his father when he accidentally comes across a mysterious key.
My Name is Khan
From the Netherlands, the story of a Muslim man, Rizwann, who has Asperger’s syndrome and is detained by authorities after 9/11 when authorities mistake his odd behaviors for suspicious terrorist behavior. He later is helped by a therapist and begins a journey to meet US President Obama to clear his name.
Adam, a lonely man with Asperger’s Syndrome, develops a relationship with his upstairs neighbor, Beth.
Mozart and the Whale
A love story between two savants with Asperger’s syndrome whose social disparities sabotage their budding relationship. This film is based on the story of Jerry and Mary Newport.
Killer Diller
A guitar playing car thief meets an autistic savant piano player, and together they transform a group of reluctant halfway house convicts into The Killer Diller Blues Band
I am Sam
The story of an autistic man living independently and functioning well in the real world until his life changes drastically when he becomes a father and is left to care for his small child.
The Other Sister
A girl with many autistic traits proves herself capable of living independently when she moves into an apartment and starts college.
What's Eating Gilbert Grape
Gilbert Grape lives in a small town where nothing much happens. The town’s most interesting resident is Gilbert’s autistic brother Arnie.
House of Cards
A bright, young girl withdraws soon after her father is killed by falling off a cliff. She believes that by withdrawing socially and climbing tall structures, she will reunite with her father who she believes is near the moon. She exhibits many autistic characteristics, such as insistence on sameness, good coordination, lack of social interaction, and no language. At the end of the movie, the mother builds a circular tower which is similar to a tower the child built from playing cards. The mother climbs the tower with her daughter, and the girl comes out of her autistic-like state.
The Accountant
A bright, young girl withdraws soon after her father is killed by falling off a cliff. She believes that by withdrawing socially and climbing tall structures, she will reunite with her father who she believes is near the moon. She exhibits many autistic characteristics, such as insistence on sameness, good coordination, lack of social interaction, and no language. At the end of the movie, the mother builds a circular tower which is similar to a tower the child built from playing cards. The mother climbs the tower with her daughter, and the girl comes out of her autistic-like state.
Rain Man
A car dealer returns to his boyhood home soon after learning about his father’s death. His father left a large sum of money to a benefactor, who he later discovers is left to his autistic brother, Raymond. Raymond was institutionalized soon after his mother’s death because of the fear that he might accidentally hurt his younger brother. Raymond has many autistic features, such as perseverations, insistence on sameness, rocking, self-injury, and savant abilities. Throughout the movie, the car dealer gets to know his brother during a cross-country car trip.
Mercury Rising
A brilliant 9-year-old autistic boy becomes a target for assassins after he breaks a top government code. An undercover FBI agent finds the boy hiding in his closet and protects him
Life, Animated
“The Little Mermaid,” “The Lion King” and other animated Disney movies help a young autistic man to develop reading, writing and communication skills
This Is Me! I am who I'm meant to be!: Autism book for children, kids, boys, girls, toddlers, parents, teachers and caregivers
Able is a boy who has autism, inviting you to visit his unique world. This book explains autism in a special way, to help people understand more about autism, to embrace differences and to raise acceptance. This story is to empower kids with autism to believe in themselves and reach their full potential no matter what challenges they have; encouraging them to be confident in being who they are- because they are who they're meant to be!
Kids Book
Amy Pflueger
Nathan's Autism Spectrum Superpowers (One Three Nine Inspired)
The superhero of this book, Nathan, explains his Autism Spectrum superpowers, how they affect him, and ways his friends can help out when his superpowers spiral out of control. This book is a TOOL written by a mom/pediatric physical therapist to help kids, family, friends and caregivers understand Autism Spectrum and some of the struggles and superpowers associated with it.
Kids Book
Lori Yarborough
All My Stripes: A Story for Children With Autism
Zane the zebra often feels different. He worries that his classmates don't notice his "curiosity," "honesty," or "caring stripes," just his "autism stripe." With the help of his Mama, Zane comes to appreciate all his stripes, including his "autism stripe," as the unique strengths that make him who he is
Kids Book
Shaina Rudolph
A Little SPOT of Emotion 8 Plush Toys with Feelings Book Box Set
This set is a companion to the bestselling books "A Little SPOT of Emotion Books Box Set"! This set comes with a newly released hardcover special edition "A Little SPOT of Feelings" book with all 8 Emotion plush toys! The PLUSH TOY EMOTIONS included are: Anger, Anxiety, Peaceful, Sadness, Happiness, Love, Confidence and Scribble (Tangled).
Kids Book
Diane Alber
See, Touch, Feel: A First Sensory Book
There's lots for baby to explore in See, Touch, Feel: A First Sensory Book. This sturdy board book, with bright photographs of happy babies, is specially designed to stimulate curiosity through sensory play. Each page has a colorful picture activity that invites baby to touch and explore. There are raised textures to feel, finger trails to follow, and a shiny mirror to look into.
Kids Book
Roger Priddy
Go, Go, Go, Dinosaur - Silicone Touch and Feel Board Book - Sensory Board Book
Race car driver, pilot, train conductor, what else can a dinosaur do? Find out in this rhyming, silicone touch and feel book that is sure to please your little dino fan. The touch and feel silicone textures add a sensory element to this book for toddlers.
Kids Book
Little Hippo Books (series - many)
What Should Danny Do? (The Power to Choose Series)
With 9 Stories in 1, the fun never ends! What Should Danny Do? is an innovative, interactive book that empowers kids with the understanding that their choices will shape their days, and ultimately their lives into what they will be. Written in a "Choose Your Own Story" style, the book follows Danny, a Superhero-in-Training, through his day as he encounters choices that kids face on a daily basis. As your children navigate through the different story lines, they will begin to realize that their choices for Danny shaped his day into what it became. And in turn, their choices for themselves will shape their days, and ultimately their lives, into what they will be.
Kids Book
Adir Levy (series - many)
See, Touch, Feel: ABC
Each page has a colorful illustration made up of footprints, handprints, child friendly art, or a photo. With lots of bright pictures to explore together and core first words to learn, See, Touch, Feel: ABC is the perfect first book to share with your baby.With raised textured pages to feel, this book encourages the development of motor skills and sensory exploration, making it a fabulous addition to any child's first-learning library.
Kids Book
Roger Priddy (series - many)
Press Here
Press the yellow dot on the cover of this interactive children's book, follow the instructions within, and embark upon a magical journey. Each page of this surprising touch book instructs the reader to push the button, shake it up, tilt the book, and who knows what will happen next. Children and adults alike will giggle with delight as the dots multiply, change direction, and grow in size. Especially remarkable because the adventure occurs on the flat surface of the simple, printed page, this unique interactive picture book about the power of imagination and interactivity will provide read-aloud fun for all ages!
Kids Book
Herve Tullet (series - many)
What to Do When You Feel Like Hitting: A No Hitting Book for Toddlers
Toddlers are still learning how to speak, socialize, and understand their emotions. It’s common for them to react with their hands when they get frustrated―but hitting is never okay. What to Do When You Feel Like Hitting helps toddlers understand why hitting is not allowed and shows them how to react to their feelings with actions that are safe and kind.
Kids Book
Dr. Cara Goodwin
The Color Monster: A Story About Emotions
One day, Color Monster wakes up feeling very confused. His emotions are all over the place; he feels angry, happy, calm, sad, and scared all at once! To help him, a little girl shows him what each feeling means through color. As this adorable monster learns to sort and define his mixed up emotions, he gains self-awareness and peace as a result. Everyone will enjoy sharing this concept book that taps into both socio-emotional growth and color concepts in a simple, friendly way.
Kids Book
Anna Llenas
Breathe Like a Bear: 30 Mindful Moments for Kids to Feel Calm and Focused Anytime, Anywhere
Breathe Like a Bear is a beautifully illustrated collection of mindfulness exercises designed to teach kids techniques for managing their bodies, breath, and emotions. Best of all, these 30 simple, short breathing practices and movements can be performed anytime, anywhere: in the car to the grocery store, during heavy homework nights at home, or even at a child’s desk at school
Kids Book
Kira Willey (series - many)
I See Things Differently: A First Look at Autism
This book will show what autism is and how it affects someone who has it. This is a wonderful catalyst for discussion that will help children to better understand and support autistic classmates or siblings.
Kids Book
Pat Thomas
Autism: A Curious Case of the Human Mind
Thomas wants to learn about the neurological condition that his little brother, Owen, was diagnosed with as a child - autism. Through the piecing together of home videos and interviews with people both on and off the autistic spectrum, Thomas attempts to learn more about the condition whilst telling the story of him and his brother, in an effort to raise awareness and society's understanding of the condition.
The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy with Autism
You’ve never read a book like The Reason I Jump. Written by Naoki Higashida, a very smart, very self-aware, and very charming thirteen-year-old boy with autism, it is a one-of-a-kind memoir that demonstrates how an autistic mind thinks, feels, perceives, and responds in ways few of us can imagine. Parents and family members who never thought they could get inside the head of their autistic loved one at last have a way to break through to the curious, subtle, and complex life within.
Adult Book
Naoki Higashida
Forever Boy: A Mother's Memoir of Autism and Finding Joy
At first, Kate experienced the grief of broken dreams. Then she felt the frustration and exhaustion of having to fight for your child in a world that is stacked against them. But through hard work, resilience and personal growth, she would come to learn that Cooper wasn’t the one who needed to change. She was. And it was this transformation that led Kate to acceptance—and ultimately joy. In Forever Boy, Kate shares her inspiring journey with honesty and compassion, offering solace and hope to others on this path and illuminating the strength and perseverance of mothers.
Adult Book
Kate Swenson
The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind
Complete with age-appropriate strategies for dealing with day-to-day struggles and illustrations that will help you explain these concepts to your child, The Whole-Brain Child shows you how to cultivate healthy emotional and intellectual development so that your children can lead balanced, meaningful, and connected lives.
Adult Book
Daniel J Siegel 
No-Drama Discipline: The Whole-Brain Way to Calm the Chaos and Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind
Defining the true meaning of the “d” word (to instruct, not to shout or reprimand), the authors explain how to reach your child, redirect emotions, and turn a meltdown into an opportunity for growth. By doing so, the cycle of negative behavior (and punishment) is essentially brought to a halt, as problem solving becomes a win/win situation.
Adult Book
Daniel J Siegel 
Potty Training in 3 Days: The Step-by-Step Plan for a Clean Break from Dirty Diapers
Ditch the diapers in no time with this step-by-step plan. Filled with expert advice accrued over thousands of cases, this potty training book makes it easy to get your child to start using the toilet. This guide covers everything you need to know, from prepping for your potty training weekend to supporting and encouraging your child once they’ve made it through the three days.
Adult Book
Brandi Brucks
Positive Parenting for Autism: Powerful Strategies to Help Your Child Overcome Challenges and Thrive
Using scientifically supported strategies based in applied behavior analysis (ABA), this practical guide provides concrete tools for developing personalized behavior change plans aimed at both increasing your child’s positive behaviors and decreasing unwanted or problem behaviors associated with autism spectrum disorders. Take a deep dive into topics like punishment alternatives, the power of reinforcement, communication and cooperation, and teaching complex behaviors in straightforward ways.
Adult Book
Victoria Boone
Population One: Autism, Adversity, and the Will to Succeed
Written by Tyler McNamer at the age of 17, Tyler not only details his challenges, but he also offers hope and encouragement to others who face seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Whether you re an educator, a family member of someone with autism, or simply looking for inspiration, you ll appreciate the opportunity to step inside this remarkable young man s mind. As Tyler explains, I ve been called a retard, dumb, and disabled. I ve been bullied, picked on, and made fun of. They put me in special classes and told me that I should not expect to reach my goals. Yet rather than view his diagnosis negatively, Tyler considers his unique viewpoint a gift.
Adult Book
Tyler McNamer
Raising a Sensory Smart Child: The Definitive Handbook for Helping Your Child with Sensory Processing Issues
For children with sensory difficulties - those who struggle process everyday sensations and exhibit unusual behaviors such as avoiding or seeking out touch, movement, sounds, and sights - this groundbreaking book is an invaluable resource. Sensory processing challenges affect all kinds of kind - from those with developmental delays, learning and attenion issues, or autism spectrum disorder to those without any other issues. Now in its third edition, Raising a Sensory Smart Child is even more comprehensive and helpful than ever.
Adult Book
Lindsey Biel
Baby Sign Language Made Easy: 101 Signs to Start Communicating with Your Child Now
Sign language is a fun and effective way for babies to communicate without words and develop essential early learning skills, but knowing where to start can be a challenge. This book of baby sign language makes it easy, with 101 useful, everyday ASL signs and a clear, simple format that explains what signs are best to start with and tips for teaching them. Whether it’s asking for milk or telling you that they’re tired, you’ll learn how to give your baby the tools to tell you what they’re thinking.
Adult Book
Lane Rebelo
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum: 101 Inspirational Stories for Parents of Children with Autism and Asperger's
Dr. Rebecca Landa of the world-renowned Kennedy Krieger Institute brings you up to date in her introduction to this special collection from Chicken Soup for the Soul. These revealing, personal stories will inspire you, educate you, make you laugh, and make you cry as you share in the experiences of other parents and caregivers in the ASD community.
Adult Book
Dr. Rebecca Landa
Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew
A child’s voice leads into each chapter, offering a one-of-a-kind exploration into how ten core characteristics of autism affect our children’s perceptions and reactions to the surrounding physical, sensory and social environments. This revised and updated third edition sharpens the focus on these basic aspects while expanding on how our own perspectives shape the life of our child and ourselves, today, tomorrow, and for years to come.
Adult Book
Ellen Notbohm
Dragon and His Friend: A Dragon Book About Autism. A Cute Children Story to Explain the Basics of Autism at a Child’s Level
Fun, cute, and entertaining with beautiful illustrations, this is a must read for children, parents and teachers to explain the basics of autism at a child’s level.
Kids Book
Steve Herman (series - many)
Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism
Autism therapy typically focuses on ridding individuals of "autistic" symptoms such as difficulties interacting socially, problems in communicating, sensory challenges, and repetitive behavior patterns. Now Dr. Barry M. Prizant offers a new and compelling paradigm: the most successful approaches to autism don't aim at fixing a person by eliminating symptoms, but rather seeking to understand the individual's experience and what underlies the behavior.
Adult Book
Dr. Barry Prizant
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