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Working with Coffee

Information & Resources

Most of our calls come from families that have just received an Autism diagnosis for their child and they are seeking to understand what is available and how they can go about accessing services. We also however, provide information to community members through workshops and participating in other events.

Group Hug


We offer a parent support group, social groups for adults and tweens as well as frequent family activities and group outings such as Parent Night Out and many events.

We do our very best to make sure our calendar is updated ahead of any offsite activities. 

Business Meeting

Training Opportunities

We offer training for families and professionals. We realize there are so many different options for therapy and treatment that it can be difficult to keep up on all of the latest information. We provide quarterly training opportunities that allow families and professionals to continue to learn about Autism Spectrum Disorders and how some therapies and interventions may help support the individuals they care for. Our trainings fulfill a portion of the annual professional development requirements for professionals in Idaho.

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