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Idaho Adult Disability

Medicaid covers adults with intellectual and development disabilities as well as adults with physical disabilities. Medicaid also covers elderly individuals who may need additional services to help them live as independently as possible. The goal of the Medicaid program is to get the right care at the right place at the right cost with the right outcomes. After Medicaid eligibility is determined, and individual will have an assessment regarding the level of care required to help meet individuals needs and care. 

Overview of Medicaid Programs

Individuals who are elderly or live with a disability can be eligible for Medicaid coverage if they meet the following criteria:

Those with Developmental Disabilities can receive services specific to their disability when they meet certain criteria.

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Adult Disability Development Agencies

Adult Residential Habilitation Agencies

Adult Targeted Service Coordination

Adult Supported Employment

Adult Respite Care


Adult Non-Medical Transportation

Adult Nursing Services 

Adult Home Modification

Adult Fiscal Employment Agents

Adult Transition Guide

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